India achieves historic Moon landing on the South Pole

India has achieved a remarkable feat as its Chandrayaan-3 unmanned spacecraft successfully landed on the south pole of the Moon. This milestone makes India the first country in history to achieve a successful landing in this region.

As reported by Reuters, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched the rocket carrying the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft from its primary spaceport in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh on July 14th.

The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft’s successful landing on the Moon’s south pole holds immense significance for space agencies and private space enterprises. This region is particularly attractive due to the presence ice deposits that could potentially support the establishment of future space stations.

Previously, in 2020, the Chandrayaan-2 mission accomplished successful orbital insertion; however, its attempt to land an unmanned vehicle on the Moon resulted in a crash and disintegration.

On the other hand, Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft, its first lunar mission in 47 years, experienced a failure on August 21st when it lost control and crashed onto the lunar surface. This serves as a reminder of the challenges and complexities in its nature lunar exploration.

India’s achievement in landing on the Moon’s south pole highlights its growing prowess in space technology and exploration, positioning the country at the forefront of global space endeavors.

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